Friday, August 6, 2010

This post will self-destruct in 3-2-1 . . .

I'm having a bad mommy moment. So, it's a good thing that today is the last day of summer for my children. I had a total meltdown before I even got out of my pajamas. I had high hopes that The Baby Boy would regain his former glory from the beginning of the month and finally stay on the potty train before school started. The week did not go that way, and this morning he soaked his underwear immediately after breakfast. I was working hard to hold it together, knowing that I was very borderline yesterday, but clearly I failed. How do I know? Just before I went Mommy Dearest, The Hubby tells me to go run my errands for the day, that he would take the children for the day. It takes a lot for that to happen. The Babydoll is wearing her I-will-remember-this-in-therapy face. (She's taken to sitting in time-out with her brother and they often both beg for the other not to be punished.) The Baby Boy is whining softly while I "talk" to him about remembering to use the toilet. How do I know I failed to hold it together? Because Hubby relayed this conversation after I leave the house:

The Babydoll: Daddy, why do you and Mommy yell all the time?
The Hubby: We don't yell all the time.
The Babydoll: Yes you do. You always yell at us.
The Hubby: Well, sometimes you aren't listening and we raise our voices. Parents have to make sure their children are doing the right things.
The Babydoll: But if you love people, you shouldn't yell at them. Yelling hurts people's feelings. You shouldn't yell. We love you and Mommy so much!
The Hubby: Umm. We love you guys, too.

So, here's the tally for the summer: Scholarship--zero publications--fail; Gardening--only one tomato--mostly fail; Parenting--doesn't look good.

Let's keep this to ourselves, huh?

And now I'm eating chocolate cake until my guts hurt.


Good Enough Woman said...

I've had a similar conversation with my Girl about why we use "stern" voices. It's heartbreaking. And then I hear her use a stern voice with her brother and I think, "Yep. I know where she got that!"

Hang in there, Steel! Sometimes summer just doesn't live up to our expectations and demands. But, hey! At least you've seem a lot of free kids' movies! ;)

Ink said...

Right there with you in the tally. Hugs.

Noticed this week that I was *yelling* "Boys, please stop yelling!" a LOT...sigh.

The Steel Magnolia said...

Ink and GEW: Here's what is keeping from jumping through the window. Just when I think my children must secretly pray every night for a different mother, my daughter says, "Mommy, I love you really, really, really much!" and The Baby Boy tells me that I'm the best mommy ever! Still, I'm guessing that I'm a better mother when they are in school for 8 hours . . . . Thanks for the hugs!

evenshine said...

It is SOOOOO time for back-to-school...sigh....

Ink said...

"really, really much"? LOVE!