Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stuff I'm thinking about

So, I returned from vacation a few days ago and was feeling quite lovely. Vacations are a wonderful, wonderful thing. I played on the beach with the crumbsnatchers and hubby. They loved it. My daughter happily discovered that she could float in the pool "all by myself" with her tube-attached suit. My son sprawled lazily in my lap while we rode the current in the lazy river. I had a massage along with my mommy friends. It was a good time. In fact, lots of things are looking up. Scary things are looking a bit less scary. I'm grateful.

Perhaps that's why so much of the relentless MJ coverage is rolling off my back like water on a duck. Watching the family is heartbreaking. Everyone else should sit down somewhere.

Just before we left for our vacation, I did this crazy thing. My girlfriend got married and her pictures were so incredibly gorgeous that I decided that if I could stuff myself into my wedding dress, I would do a photo session. For a couple of reasons, I never took a full session of portraits in my bridal get-up and always regretted it. I planned to do it on our first anniversary, but we were making a major move. After that, life kept getting in the way. Then I just decided that I would have to do it now if I were ever going to do it, I don't like living with regrets, and it would be a moot point in about five minutes when I couldn't get the dress on anymore. Luckily, I went on the painfully-yank-out-my-teeth-so-I-can-only-eat-soup diet and viola!--the dress zipped right up. It was exciting, if a little embarrassing. I mean, who takes bridal portraits years after they get married? Still, I was reminded how much I love, love, love weddings. So, now I'm fighting the urge to emerge myself in all things wedding again. The information is useless to me, and it kind of makes me feel sucky because it introduces all these great new ideas that I can't use--because I already had my wedding a bunch of years ago. Anyway, I'm obsessively waiting for the proofs. Yay!

And now I love both "Ace of Cakes" and "Cake Boss". My interest probably has something to do with the possibility of seeing wedding cakes, and the lack of summer viewing, but both are suddenly really interesting to me.

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