Thursday, June 23, 2011

Even I know that

So, I'm confused. Justin Beiber (pause for applause) was on "The View" discussing his Twitter habits. About 10 times, he said something like, "when I twitter . . ." or "he sent out a twitter" and I thought, "Hmmm." Isn't "tweet" the correct terminology? I mean, I know that I'm old, but I try to keep up. Well, actually my students mock me when I get it wrong. As in, when I indignantly asked a student sitting right beside me and pressing buttons, "Are you TWITTERING????!!!!" She practically fell out of her chair laughing and the rest of the class joined her. "Professor." Laugh. Eyeroll. "It's tweeting, not twittering. OMG." More laughter.

So, there, Beiber. Get with it, man!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I'm Watching

I'm sitting here watching Bill Maher's show from last week and wondering how in the world it is that TWO women are named Melissa Harris + hyphen. This woman looks a lot like her, I'm thinking. I was really astonished. (It's like the time when I was working the drive through at McDonald's and collected a customer's money. The person at the second window was busy, so I ran over to fill the order and handed it out to the guy. He looked at me with his eyes stretched wide, asking, "Do you know that the girl at the first window looks JUST like you? Are you twins????") Obviously, I lost track of her for a moment. Clearly, she's gotten married, changed her name, and moved to Tulane. I should pay better attention.

Also been watching "Sister Wives" and what the heck, state of Utah? Hearing them talk about police splitting of the family seems totally nuts to me. I still don't really get it. I understand that the father can be arrested, but how can they force them to move apart and not see each other? Do they enact some kind of restraining order preventing them from calling each other? How can they tell them who can live together? Or who can have contact? That's sooo wrong. I'm horrified for them.

Finally, I'm totally addicted to "Cold Case" which isn't even on the air anymore. Thank goodness for the DVR! This is a brilliant premise for a show and I love it. I also have a hair crush on Tracie Thoms.

Monday, June 6, 2011


The Babydoll recently took her very first plane trip. The Hubby was with her, but I feel sad that I missed one of her "firsts". She loved the ride itself, saying that the "bumpy parts" were her favorite.

She called me to sing Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" which has mysteriously (since I'm not so into pop music) become an absolute favorite song of hers. But here's where I get over myself: She added "Mommy" at the end of each chorus line, as in "You're Amazing just the way you are, Mommy!"

This kind of perfect sweetness almost makes up for the fact that this song also made me explain the word "sexy" to her.

She's so beautiful. And I tell her every day . . . .