Friday, December 11, 2009

I Need a Break

Actual "sentence" found in a student's final paper:

The differences are similarities are among equal against each other.

No, I didn't copy it wrong and it will make even less sense the second time you read it.

On one episode of Girlfriends, one of the characters, Maya, is sharing her potential book proposal with another character, William, and he tells her something like, "I recognize the words you're saying as English, but I have no idea what their relationship is to one another." I'm so feeling William right now.


Ink said...

Oh my! And you're SO right that it made even less sense the second time around. Cool.

So...what teacherly comment did you write next to that sentence? I must know.

The Steel Magnolia said...

I cannot WAIT to hear/read the answer to Ink's question. If you read it a third time, you laugh uncontrollably!

Jane said...

You're taking me back to my english deciphering days. A collegue I worked with used to keep a log of these types of sentences and then publish them (anonymously, of course) in an email to us during final exam week. It always brought a much needed giggle.