Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Reviews are In: All Confused and Such

I just received my evaluations. It's nice that I could have electronic copies, which means that I have them now, as opposed to finding them at some random point when I'm on campus again. Clearly, though, it would have been useful to have had them earlier. Or perhaps it just would have been confusing.

In general, the review are good. I had an overwhelming number of "Strongly Agree" responses for most areas. They reflect the vibe I got while the classes were going on and afterward, when goo-gobs of students returned for rec letters. It also reflects the number of students in the spring who enrolled in my courses as a result of recommendations from friends. But there are some stupefying moments:

  • More than one person indicated that they did not use the library--not even electronically! What?! We had a research paper! How does that work, without using the library????
  • Someone was unsatisfied with "revisions." But I have no idea what that means. Did the student not like the fact revisions were allowed? Or was he/she upset that she/he was not allowed to do revisions (in which case he/she did not read the syllabus, which clearly spelled out the revision policy and the "dissatisfaction" is really unfair.) One word answers are not useful!
  • More than one student indicated that they really liked a text from the very beginning of the term. I didn't think they liked it or that it was entirely related, so I omitted it from the list for the next term. Guess I need to think about adding it again.
  • I was glad that there were fewer personal comments than I sometimes get. Those are often not attacking, but I never really know what to do when students critique my personhood.

In general, I'm pleased with the feedback, and I'm so happy that students are saying that they learn in my classes! Mostly, I'm glad that many students are enjoying this almost as much as I am. Yay!


Good Enough Woman said...

Glad they were positive! And I totally agree with the personhood comments. I once had someone complain about my voice and suggest I take some voice coaching to deepen it or something. Whaa?

Good Enough Woman said...

I should have said that I agree with your *comment* about the personhood comments, but I hope you know what I meant. Even though you don't know what they meant. :P

The Steel Magnolia said...

Thanks for the validation, GEW. Complaining about your voice, huh? Did they offer to pay for the voice coaching???? Bleh!