Saturday, July 24, 2010

Taking a Poll

My large extended family is vacationing. That means that we have great-grandparents in their 70s (shhhhh--not sure that's for public record), middle-aged parents, grandchildren from age 10 to 35, and great-grands up to age 4. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 people in total. We have a great time, aside from never--ever--following the schedule somebody sets. What we're thinking would work better next time, though, is finding a place where everything is in one place. If we could walk to attractions and restaurants, we could avoid the waiting for one to return from the bathroom, and one to change clothes, and one who wants to go somewhere else all together. The long line of vehicles we have to construct on the highways in order to go anywhere impedes the process and takes up time. But we want interesting things to do that everyone will enjoy.

I'm wondering if there are suggestions for a vacation spot that would work nicely for us next year. Without spending billions of dollars. In, or near, the southeast.

I'm asking anyone and everyone to share locations where you've had a good experience (or heard of one) that speaks to my family's scenario. What would you suggest for us?


Ink said...

Myrtle Beach is always fun! :)

Good Enough Woman said...

What kind of features are you looking for? Is water a requirement?

evenshine said...

I'm sorry- I was gaping at the computer for a full five minutes after "large extended family traveling together". YIKES. Thou art a braver woman than I.
Atlanta. Hands down. Stay close to downtown, go to Centennial Olympic park, the Aquarium, and see a show at the Fox. Or go to the High Museum for culture. Great restaurants, not too much driving, and Marta works well.

The Diva said...

My family and I were just in Atlanta. The Aquarium works well because you have that and right across the way is Coca-Cola World so people can do different things. We also went to Stone Mountain and thought that would be a fabulous place to have a family reunion because you can be in the same location, but people can do different activities.
On a similar note, we have also had a family reunion at Kalahari Resort and Waterpark in Ohio. same principles apply. We had a GREAT time there (and I don't even like the water).

The Steel Magnolia said...

Wonderful suggestions. Thank you so much!

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Agreed - Myrtle Beach. Or just south of it in less annoying Garden City. GEW and my family spent decades of summers there with about 18 people - but 35 is a huge number! They do have side-by-side homes though that hold a lot of people.