Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random This and that

I'm going to try to make this about more than TV shows, but I can't make promises . . . .

  • I'm watching "16 and Pregnant" and really, really having a problem sticking to our "We're done having babies" resolution.
  • Between crochet and computer use, it feels like I'm rubbing my fingerprints right off.
  • If one more person asks me if I've seen "For Colored Girls" I might launch into some rant about how I'm not excited about seeing it and how I really just wish everyone would see a stage production and the many issues many people have with this film--oh wait! I did that in class the other day with students. Oh well.
  • I wonder if people on reality shows feel bad about themselves when they see that their "English" needs subtitles.
  • I really don't like Christmas shopping.
  • The baby is crying on "16 and Pregnant". Now I remember why we're finished having babies.

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