Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Bits of Holiday Goodness

Just as I'm hearing the bars slam shut on the grading jail that locks me in every semester, I'm feeling pretty good about a couple of things. That's impressive, I think, because I've been on Googling binges for a while, looking up people I used to know to see just how much more fabulous their lives and careers are than mine. Then I think about how suck I am. And how those people would think I was suck, too. And then I think about what my children will tell their therapists about me (because that's the logical next thought--right?) It's a horrible game. Worse than golf.

But I've had a few moments that interrupt the pity parties:

The Babydoll wanted to bring her lunch to school, so I packed one up for her (it was a Lunchable, but it counts!) I added an orange, but she called me at work the next morning to say that she had changed her mind about the orange because she wouldn't be able to peel it at school. BUT, she has an awesome mother, so her orange was already sliced and peeled and in a cute little container in the lunch box. She was thrilled!

I received promising news on a publication project that I've wanted to materialize for about 1000 years. I'm really hoping that it goes somewhere, but either way, this is the most interest anyone has shown in the project in all this time.

My students were completing evaluations sheets and asked if they really had to write down their answers because they didn't have a single critical thing to say. More than one said that this class changed their perspectives about writing and about themselves as writers. In addition, for the first time--ever, I think--most of the students followed documentation guidelines and didn't give me crazy, made-up crap that drives me nuts.

I made two desserts for two holiday parties and received raves on both!

Things are looking up!


P said...

Yay on the good publication vibe!

And on the student feedback!

You don't suck. Just doing something different. Funny how our minds can play tricks on us, y'know?

Ink said...

She does have an awesome mother! :)

And hooray on the good things.

Boo on the not so good things. But you TOTALLY do NOT suck. You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

The Steel Magnolia said...

Okay, pity party over (for today . . . )! Thank you both for the warm thoughts!

Good Enough Woman said...

Yay for all of these successes! And perhaps you need to send my your syllabus, your lesson plans, and your personality for the awesomely successful writing class.

I'm serial.