Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodbye, Oprah

So, just when I was getting bored with the Oprah festival of celebrity, they pull out all the students she's inspired and helped, and I'm thinking,

1) I've watched Oprah for years; why am I not in the audience, people?

2) Has anyone heard that being on Oprah is on my life list??? Guess it's not going to happen now. I really thought it would happen. I'm sad.

3) I should have finished that letter I started during my first year of college, explaining why she should give me a scholarship so that I wouldn't keep racking up student loans; I'm paying those loans now, even as I save for my children's college fund.

4) I'm a little disturbed that they started playing the black church shouting music as Aretha Franklin was singing to Oprah. Is this a final admission the people actually worship her?

5) Sigh. Just . . . sigh.

1 comment:

Ink said...

Yeah, it does seem a little late to send that letter. Oh wait, maybe you could send it on behalf of your children!

Just because she doesn't have a show doesn't mean the scholarship letters have to stop, right? :)