Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Words, Words, Words

Clearly words matter and they have a premium attached!

I am appalled that the NFL thinks it owns the rights to the phrase "Who Dat." Who is dat?

I'm nobody's football fan and quite frankly, this weekend, Mickey Mouse could emerge the champion and I would be just as happy or sad, but it is wrong for some behemoth corporation to lay claim to a phrase that people have been using for years and years. How do you just get to own it? Because you say so?
Apparently, the NFL has backtracked since they first sent out cease-and-desist letters to store owners who were selling products with "Who Dat" on it and now they say you cannot sell the phrase in conjunction with trademarked Saints logo. Whatever. I believe they clearly thought they would be able to bully people into thinking they owned those words.
And this, my dear students, is why giving people credit for their words/works is so important.

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