Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"I like to move it, move it!"--Not really

While I am happy as a lark that we are moving forward with our purchase of a beautiful new home in a great neighborhood, this moving stuff is for the birds. I am realizing just how much crap we have. I mean, absolute crap. Hubby keeps saying that everything he owns can fit in 2 boxes and that everything else is stuff I irrationally hold on to. I guess he thinks that one's home should be decorated with only a gigantic TV.

Anyway, I will admit that I now have about 15 trash bags of trash and give away stuff. Way too much of that was clothes--stuff I can't wear anymore, stuff I don't want to wear anymore, stuff that isn't fit to wear anymore, stuff that the children can't wear but I keep pretending they can still use. But, in my mind, if things aren't broken, they are still good for use. Doesn't matter that I'm not actually using it. Maybe I will. One day.

And speaking of broken things: the flippin' oven door decided to fall off! We are moving in 4 days, with renters coming, and the door is on the floor. Let me tell you, it was not a good look. I'm hoping the parts that Hubby ordered will be a quick fix. I mean, really. Do we have time for this? NO!

And I'm getting 60 composition essays this week. And we have to live in my uncle's basement for a week while we wait on the closing date (a fact about which I will no longer complain because we almost ended up in the basement for a month). And Hubby just told me that he mysteriously has a business trip the week after we move in. (Note here that he has gone on a business trip every single time we moved, leaving me to deal with the crap work aftermath. Not cool).

But I'm not complaining. I'm just making observations. This year March is certainly coming in like a lion. Let's hope it goes out like a lamb.


Anonymous said...

I have to be in just the right mood to sort through "stuff" and give/throw away. And when you're forced to do it because you're moving? Sheer torture! I feel for you, I truly do. I know! Just pack everything that is yours and tell husband to pack his own stuff. Whatever doesn't get packed, goes to Goodwill. We'll see just how much stuff husband has then!

Anonymous said...

Just keep your eye on the're moving to a lovely place! Congrats!

The Steel Magnolia said...

Good idea, Jane! Of course, Hubby knows enough to know that I would NEVER be able to follow through with that threat. Meh.

Thanks, Ink! I'm struggling, but trying to imagine everything unpacked and neatly in place at the new house. I will sooooo blog about it when it finally happens. :)