Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lit Happens

So, The Diva and I are kicking it together at a gigantic grading marathon. It's PhDs gone wild over here! We're pooped and it's not even over yet. Clearly, I am a complete idiot. I just completed a grading marathon on my own campus before starting this one. Still, it's always cool to hang out with a girlfriend. We saw Sex and the City 2 while we had a free second. The Diva thought it "so-so" but I really liked it. I cried when Charlotte and Miranda were talking (and sipping) about motherhood. It was a really beautiful and honest moment that only real friends and mothers could share. I'm also glad that they acknowledged their privilege in employing help--that's especially true when neither of them is compelled to work for money.
Other realizations during the gigantic grading marathon:
  • There are many, many, many ways to express the EXACT same idea.
  • Premium ice cream heals all wounds.
  • I need time away from my family sometimes, but it only takes a second for me to really miss them.
  • Wuthering Heights is not the go-to text after you've just read about 4 million very questionably written student essays.
  • Sitting around with your girlfriend, doing basically nothing, is lots of fun when you are (practically) middle-aged.
  • You might want to mentally devise an escape plan for when your cab driver takes some unknown residential route and you think he may be taking you to his own house where he will abduct and disembowel you. Just in case. It helps to crazy paranoid and have a friend join in.
  • People who teach English and English-related fields come in two camps: neat, buttoned-up, bookish types or bohemian, artsy, colorful rebel types. It's generally immediately clear which camp someone belongs in. Except for The Diva and me--we're a little of both. :)


Ink said...

SUCH a great list!!!!

Good luck with ALL of the grading.

The Steel Magnolia said...

Thanks Ink!

theycallmejane said...

During my teaching days I had a dear friend like yours. You're making me miss her so much right now. So glad you have yours!

The Steel Magnolia said...

Jane: I always think it would be really sad to live one's whole life and never have a friend like that. You should give your friend a call!