Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some Things Off My Chest (Not hair!)

I'm going to have to bullet point this, since I'm supposed to be grading, but man, I'm going to implode if I don't rant. So here goes:

  • I'm watching the documentary about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. I'm horrified. It highlights two important truths: the lives of women were clearly expendable (evidenced by the acquittal of the owners) and anybody who thinks that we should just rely on capitalism to protect the interest of anyone except business owners clearly thinks that it wasn't so bad to be trapped on the 9th floor of a building where workers were denied union protections and stuffed into overcrowded rooms with no sprinklers and few exits.

  • That brings me to The Donald. I can hardly breathe because his EGO is taking up all the air. Seriously, dude? Let's start with "the blacks." As I might have mentioned before, I know lots of black folk. Perhaps with the exception of the people on Trump's show, I can't think of any who think he's great. Especially after that bassackward comment. News flash: people who use the phrase "the blacks" are no friends of the Negroes. And as for your "thoughts" on my President: I spit on your "thoughts". That's all I have to say about that. Wait, no. I also call BS on your academic "concerns"--there are enough smart and talented people of color that nobody has to pick the duds as so-called affirmative action babies. Nevertheless, can black folk finally have the right to be awesomely above average or perfectly average, just like white folk? Seriously. The people who are placing him at the top of polls must be the same people who are obsessed with the royal wedding. (Thanks GEW for giving me a nudge!--I'd love to hear what you think I'd say!)

  • Okay, fine. Kate Middleton's dress was gorgeous. She looked like a full grown woman in love. A wedding gets me every time!

Okay. Now maybe I don't have to take this out on these research papers.


Ink said...

Documentary = horror.
Trump = madness.
Dress = gorgeous. That's when I got teary...with the tilt shot of the dress!

Ink said...

Happy mother's day!

The Steel Magnolia said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, to Ink! Lots of self-indulgent chee too!

Good Enough Woman said...

Thank you for saying all of those things that need to be said about Trump, especially the things about his EGO and calling him on the BS. I think that's the worst of it all for me. I don't think he even really thinks Obama wasn't born in Hawaii or that Obama didn't do well in school. I think he just wanted publicity so he decided to capitalize on all the hateful whack jobs out there. And that kind of insincere pandering is the worst kind because it comes only from narcissism and malice.

And all that about Obama and school? It's obvious to me that Obama is typically the smartest person in any room that he enters.

On an up note, did you see the footage of Obama trumping Trump at the correspondent's dinner. Frigging hilarious.