Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Help, I wish I could quit you

We started meetings on campus this week, and nearly every conversation with my colleagues came back to The Help again and again. We couldn't get away from it. Since I like it when people affirm my thinking, I'm excited to read what big time scholars and thinkers have to say. Melissa Harris-Perry (who I totally heart) and Valerie Boyd and others have made really smart commentary. Also LOVE Viola Davis, and would be happy to see her in a role that is softer and pretty than anything I've seen her in till now. Check them out!


Good Enough Woman said...

I haven't seen the movie yet and am not sure I'll get a chance to see it while it's in the theaters. But I read Boyd's review and it was much of what I expected since I figured the movie would have to me even more glossy than the book. I'm sure I will agree with her on most of her points, but I also know that I will be complicit because I liked Skeeter in the novel (in spite of the problems of exploitation), and I like Emma Stone, so I will most likely like Skeeter in the movie. That's me--both aware and complicit at the same time (unless being both is paradoxical). I'm curious what people around here think about it, but not many are talking.

The Steel Magnolia said...

I hear you, GEW. I think Viola Davis is freaking awesome and I'm so glad that she's getting her due. I'll see it, but not until I can do so on my own TV (of course, that's what I said about The Matrix and I still haven't seen it !) Incidently, I think Skeeter is kind of complicit and aware at the same time, so maybe it makes sense that you like her. :) And I don't think she's soooo bad. LOL