Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Isn't that interesting?

After teaching for a while, a few things have become commonplace. I will have a student named Brittney (or Brittany or Brittanee). And one named Ashley. And one with strange colored hair. And one from Chicago.

Except this semester I had a class in which not one student was from Chicago. Or any state in the Midwest. I know because we did an icebreaker.

But you know who was in that class? Two students born with six fingers on each hand.

TWO of them!

Isn't that interesting?


feMOMhist said...

hilarious, no cait/kate/cayt lin/lyn/len?

as for the finger, not sure what to say. What the heck is in the water down there?

The Steel Magnolia said...

YES! I did have a Katelynn or something. (I don't really know their actual individual names yet!) And 100 Jas/Jaz/myn/min/mine. And Taylor--which is usually spelled the normal way; also interesting.

I pretty much didn't know what to say about the fingers either. My mouth was gaping open. That usually doesn't happen until midterm at least.