Thursday, September 15, 2011

Easy on the Small Screen

NBC is set to develop a new detective series based on Walter Mosley's character Easy Rawlins. This is exciting news.

I first met Easy in the movie Devil in a Blue Dress starring Denzel Washington. (It, too, is based on a Mosley novel of the same name.) Although I love Denzel, Don Cheadle stole the movie as Easy's sidekick Mouse.

I recently had my students read the novel which was actually my first time reading it as well. (Mouse does not steal the novel which leads me to say, Kudos, Don Cheadle!) It's a quick read and an intriguing story. I mean, it's a mystery novel. If you're looking for something not too heavy, but not that light, it's worth the read.

What concerns me about this series, however, are two things:

1. Non-comedic shows with black leads do not do well on broadcast television. I was so excited about NBC's Undercovers (who wouldn't be excited about Boris Kodjoe!), but, as I suspected it would, it went away. I worry how this will do.

2. It will be set in the 60's. Again, what's with the 60's nostalgia? I know, I know. The series takes place between the 1940's and 1960's. Maybe in this pro-60's era of television, this was the best time to propose this series? I don't know, but I raise an eyebrow to it.

Regardless, when it comes on, I'll watch.

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