Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Confessions

I'm pretty sure I dozed off in class today while students were reading aloud.

Since we are now doing karate, scouting, Tball, gymnastics, and sometimes dance, I think I may have become one of those parents who spends all her time being personal assistant to her children. This was not my plan and I don't know how this happened.

My big plan for a healthier, migraine-eliminating diet is falling victim to a string of birthday parties (i.e. cake) and Hubby's cookie/ice cream/candy runs. Also not my plan. But much more delicious.

If my children don't stop fighting each other, I'm pretty sure I'm going to join in. And I will not lose.


feMOMhist said...

i caved on scouts, like a fool and somehow ended up as soccer team mom for fMhson and room mother for fMhgirl. so much for sabbatical right? Of course I'm doing it all with the aid of much caffeine and a nightly dose of unisom

The Steel Magnolia said...

Hmm. Maybe unisom is what I need to get to sleep at night. Otherwise, students are going to argue that if I can sleep in class, they can.

Ink said...

Oh wow, I can totally relate to that last paragraph.

I hope you get some sleep and I hope your head stops hurting RIGHT NOW!