Thursday, July 24, 2008

History in the Making

How interesting! Cynthia McKinney just chose Rosa Clemente as her running mate for the 2008 Presidential race. Her selection has created the first all-women-of-color presidential ticket in America's history. This presidential race is truly historic! I wonder if all those Hillary supporters who seemed to only be voting Democrat because they wanted a woman to win will cast their vote for the Green party.
Here's a link to an interview with McKinney and Clemente about the race:

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The Steel Magnolia said...

Well, these are exciting times, to say the least. I agree that this two party system is not working. In local elections, I have found myself leaving boxes unchecked because I couldn't bring myself to vote for either candidate. We need more options. I can't say that I'm giving my presidential vote to the Green Party, but I like their thinking in some ways.