Thursday, July 17, 2008

How to Get Your Baby to Walk

So I discovered something tonight: All people are motivated by their grandest desires. My daughter's favorite plaything at one year old? Her Elmo doll. My son's? His member.

He started walking about month ago, so he's still unsteady on his feet and would rather crawl when he's in a hurry. My husband thinks it's hilarious and freeing to let him go commando, and he was having just such a moment a little while ago. He wanted to follow his sister, who was moving much faster down the hall. He was holding his favorite item with one hand and trying to crawl. Realizing that crawling with one hand doesn't quite work, he finally decides to get up and walk. Thus, he did not have to let go of his favorite toy.

I have no words. Only laughter.

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