Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, New Goals

As this new year has dawned, all the morning shows have talked about creating "a new you." People make resolutions and even you, SM, have set forth some aspirations to be better during the coming year. I try not to make resolutions because like many people, I rarely keep them. Instead, I try to make goals. But really, isn't a rose by any other name just as sweet? Whatever, I will still set forth some more goals.

Several years ago, a friend of mine challenged me to list 101 experiences that I wanted to have in my lifetime. Regardless of feasibility, likelihood, money, limitation, etc., I was to write out 101 experiences. It's sad, I know, that to this day, I am only able to list 31 things! Well, you could look at it from the perspective that I don't think very imaginatively (which is sad) or that for the most part, I do what I want to do without having the chance to list it. (Okay, probably the truth leans more toward the former.) This year, I will try to accomplish some of the things on my list. That is my goal. And maybe to add more experiences to the list.

The experiences on my list are not necessarily that big or that hard to do, but sometimes life gets in the way (of living--isn't that ironic) or I forget to try to do them. For instance, I would like to taste marzipan. See, not a big deal and readily available at Christmas time. But between grading papers at the end of the Fall semester, squeezing in time to shop for gifts, and visiting family, I have forgotten to buy some time and time again. Another experience I want to have is to participate in a scavenger hunt. These do not present themselves everyday. However, can you believe that there was one at Biblebelt Unviversity just last semester?!? I was all ready to sign up, but they said only teams could sign up and I didn't have a team. Also, I had something come up and I had to do it that same afternoon, so even if I had signed up, I would have had to bail on it.

There are some items that require a little more effort and a little more money that I have not accomplished, too. For instance, I'd like to go to Venice. On top of time and money being obstacles, DH is not interested in going in the least. But I am going to get to Venice one day. And Paris, France, too!

For this year, I will try to accomplish the following goals:
  • come up with more experiences I would like to have
  • have a glamorous makeover
  • be a mother
  • visit the Washington Monument
  • have a book published
  • taste a souffle

Some are small goals, some are a little loftier. Here's hoping this year brings me and everyone the accomplishment of all goals and resolutions!

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