Friday, April 3, 2009


I've been in pain all week. I thought my wisdom teeth might be coming in on account of the way it feels like the Incredible Hulk is breaking through my gums. Turns out, the suckers have already arrived and commenced to decaying. I'm having them out next week. I'll be sure to give you too much information. For now, the dentist's response to my excrutiating pain was to prescribe a bunch of really big ibuprofen pills. (Really? That's all you got for me? I need something that's barely legal!) Consequently, I may be going to bed until the surgery.

Talk among yourselves . . . .


Ink said...

Oh, it sounds excruciating! Good that you're to have them out, though (you'll feel much better afterwards). (((((Steel)))))

I'm sending ice cream and a prescription for something stronger.

Ink said...

Just checking in on you...feeling any better? More hugs!!!!