Monday, March 1, 2010

This Is What I Think About That

1. I am really sad to hear about Andrew Koening who played Boner in Growing Pains. It's sad that he was in such pain in life that he felt he needed to take his own.

2. I am saddened and horrified that Dawn Brancheau was killed by a killer whale and the animal will live to tell the tale. I don't fault Brancheau because she was doing her job and it is important that humans observe and study the animal world. I do fault Sea World for keeping this animal around even though this is his third killing. Humans--who have a conscience and can therefore theoretically be rehabilitated--have been killed for less victims. Wild animals kill; it's in their nature. Have we forgotten that they are animals?

3. I know you love the Olympics, SM, but I am glad they are over. Now, NBC can get back to showing other things. Like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Wait, his guests this week will be Olympic athletes. Will it never end?

4. Can a woman sleeping with a married man (with two kids) reasonably expect fidelity and honesty in the affair? Apparently, one of Tiger Woods's mistresses, Joslyn James, held a press conference after his public apology (Why was that news? Why was it covered by major networks and not just the E! network?) and with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, requested an apology from Tiger for herself as well. C'mon, Slim, you knew what this was!

5. Spring Break is coming! Woohoo!


The Steel Magnolia said...

I'm trying to be excited about Spring Break. If I get the papers graded returned before then, I'll only have one small class of midterms to do, and I'll be done. Except for the moving an entire house of crap. I'm tired . . . .
Oh, and the Tiger mistress should hush. An apology for acting like he was having an adulterous affair with you? It's not honorable, so dishonorable behavior is pretty much right on the money.

The Steel Magnolia said...

Okay, I just watched this video. Seriously?! Is this woman, or Gloria Allred concerned about the possible contributions porn makes to the damage and violence against women???? If someone cut her in on the profits of these golf balls, would she be so concerned then?
I also want to point out the rididonculous nature of her "evidence" that Tiger loved her: sending text messages that say, "Let's keep having an affair" and "I'm not going anywhere" (especially away from my wife, I guess!) is proof of nothing! He didn't say he wanted to marry her as proof of his love--he said he wanted everything to stay like it was! This woman is not bright. Sheesh!