Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saying thanks again

Over at academic writing, the discussion was about saying "Thank you." That's been on my mind again lately, so I'll repeat what I wrote on her page

I asked my class to do a check-in exercise that I like to do at mid-term. I asked them to write down what they thought was working in the class and what they thought was not meeting their needs. That lead us down a series of paths and they started to talk about graduating. They were so moved and spoke with such angst about leaving that one of them had to leave the room. This institution, they said, has nurtured them and helped them grow, taught them and pushed them. Their friendships and their professors were important in ways that they would never again experience in quite the same way. They didn't want to leave. (Incidentally, my daughter asked last night why babies had to leave come out of their mommies's tummies. Can't they just stay in if they want? she asked. I thought my students seemed to be asked a similar question.) It was gut-wrenching. And yet, I felt so proud to be playing any small role in the experience that was shaping these students. And to top it off, more than one of them said that they really liked my class and were learning a lot.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you to my students today! I needed that!


evenshine said...

Awesome! GREAT affirmation! Congrats...

Academic, Hopeful said...

Aw...such a lovely experience, and you are doing something worthwhile; helping them through the threshold (or out of the symbolic womb!).

Actually, speaking of symbolic wombs, there is a tribe somewhere whose burial rites involve the men holding the coffin and running through a group of mourning women in order to symbolise the dead person's rebirth into the afterlife.

Thanks for your comment earlier.

Anonymous said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot