Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Wedding Awards

This past weekend, The Steel Magnolia and I were in a friend's wedding (great to see you again, girl!). It was a beautiful event in Savannah, GA, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Here are the highlights:

Best Wedding Attire: The bride wore green! No, not her dress, but her shoes. She had the loveliest emerald green open-toed heels on under her off-white dress which cascaded in a ruffled pattern down the back. The shoes were an unexpected shock of color that set off the entire attire. I wish I had thought to do that at my wedding.

Best Moment of Individualism: The bridesmaids all wore the same green dress, but the bride gave us each a different elegant brooch to wear on the belts of our dresses. I love that idea! And because the bride knew I am The Diva, I love that she gave me an antique starfish with lots of bling!

Most Anticipated Moment (ceremony-related): When the groom sees the bride for the first time. Everyone always turns to look at the bride when she comes in, but I figure, I have the entire ceremony to look at her. I like to see the look on the groom's face when he sees for the first time that day the woman he loves. It's always nice to see tears from the beloved, but no such luck this time.

Most Anticipated Moment (non-ceremony-related): Going to eat at The Lady and Sons. I love Paula Deen! I even went to see her when she came to Biblebelt city (though I got no food for my trouble). So, I was not passing up an opportunity to go to her restaurant. Actually, the bride said she had to have her rehearsal dinner at Lady and Sons because she knew she would lose a lot of people to it if she had the dinner elsewhere. Paula Deen did not disappoint. The food was scrumptious. I had fried chicken, rice and gravy, greens, creamed corn (and I don't eat creamed corn), and peach cobbler. I wanted to go back for some macaroni, but I was just too stuffed. That would have been just gluttonous.

Most Surprising Moment: It was cold as sin out there! The ceremony was outside. On Friday, it was nice, sunny and warm. No such luck on Saturday. DH and I got out to go to buy the Popcorn a sweater and hat because the weatherman said it would be in the 60's. When we got out there, the wind whipped us to and fro and I cringed at the idea that I would be wearing a sleeveless dress later that day!

Most Surprising Moment II: There was a Carter's Outlet store down the street from my hotel! Anyone with a kid knows that Carter's makes all the baby clothes. All of them. Except for a few onesies they let Gerber make. And they're always so cute. So, in our quest for a sweater, we stumbled upon the outlet stores and Carter's, in particular. I wanted to shop so badly, but I was with DH who hates the word "shopping" and so I could only "ohh" and "ahh" as I passed by beautiful, affordable spring fashions on my way to finding a sweater. At least I got to buy that.

Most Symbolic Moment: As cold as it was, the sun came out from behind the clouds when the minister announced them as husband and wife. It's like God smiled on them. Then the sun went back behind the clouds.

Coolest Moment: This one is tied. The first was hanging with my girls. Life is such that we only get to see each other together like once a year when something big comes up. Between jobs, kids and other family and social obligations, we don't often get to cross state lines and just hang. We should make more of an effort to do that. The other coolest moment was showing off the Popcorn. This was the first non-family event that we have taken her to ( we haven't even taken her to church because of her health issues) and the first time that my friends have seen her. They loved her! Everyone did. I was pleased. (I would have been more pleased if someone--anyone--thought she looked like me, but I still can't get anyone to say she does!)

So, that's the weekend's awards. (Did I miss anything, SM?) It was fun and beautiful and special and I'm so happy for my friend.


The Steel Magnolia said...

I would only add a Most Yummy Weekend Ever! Award. Remember the Krispy Kremes at our little pre-nuptial shower? And the ice cream? And delicious cheesecake at the bridal luncheon? And the banana pudding I had at The Lady and Sons? And EVERYTHING at the reception? I should probably work out this week . . . .

Most Heartwarming: I thought the bride's words at the luncheon about her relationship with her mother and aunts was nice. She said that when she went to college she sought out strong, focused women because she had been surrounded her whole life with women who were smart and classy.

Nice overview, The Diva. Great to see you, too!

The Newlywed said...

Hmmm, I guess I am the thirty something. It was great too see you ladies and play with your babies. They are the cutest kids ever and the popcorn is so sweet and cuddly.

We are back from our honeymoon in Aruba with no luggage (the airline lost them) no sunburns ( we learned from our proposal trip to the Dominican Republic that sunscreen is a must) and no energy (no explanation needed). Thank you all again for standing with me as I took my vows.

Lovey said...

Hi girls! It was absolutely wonderful seeing you all! Diva, little popcorn is SO adorable. And although I did say that you were parading around with some else's baby, I do see some resemblance, so don't feel too bad.

Steel Magnolia, as always, your children were utterly entertaining. If I could take their energy, bottle it and sell it, I would be a millionaire.

Newlywed, glad to here you all made it back safely from your fabulous honey moon. I'm sure it was all that you hoped it to be. I must say that after all of your worries, and stress and all of the conversations we've had about your wedding, everything turned out beautifully. I had so much fun and even though the munchkin didn't feel well, I'm glad she had the chance to see all of you all.

I loved seeing each one of you. It was a blast!