Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Things

So, I'm at a turning point in my hair transition. I finally took out the kinky twists, so that now the only thing on my head is the hair that grows out of it, unchanged. I washed and conditioned it, then looked in the mirror.

It was jarring, this knotted/knotting puff with no definition.

I went to the stylist who has been helping me transition and she put in two strand twists. But . . . they are small and tight and close to my head. I'm having a hard time with it. I think I'm going to take them down and try a couple of the styles that I keep seeing on the (many) hair blogs that I've been lurking around for months. So, wish me good hair days. Please.

On a semi-related note, I'm two classes into swim lessons. Having my hair exist without the chemicals makes getting in the pool easier and I'm excited, if nervous. It's kind of hard to make my body do these unfamiliar tasks, just like it's proving difficult to fully make this paradigm shift about my hair. Two important observations: perhaps "dead man's float" isn't the best choice for teaching beginning swimmers--hello!; the teacher told me in the first class that I, like she, have a dense body type that makes it harder to float. Where was this information when I was a child, thinking that something was deficient and weird about my body that kept me from being able to swim?! And one more thing: I know I'm not supposed to swallow the pool water, but it happens. What I want to know is why I can taste it in the back of my throat all flippin' day?


Good Enough Woman said...

I am officially wishing you good hair times. And, I also think it's very cool that you are learning to swim. I hope your kids realize what a good model you are--learning something scary. You go!

The Steel Magnolia said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, GEW! Both the hair and the swimming are big challenges, but I won't count on my children fully realizing much of anything. I think they just expect me to be perfect and keep it moving! If only they really knew!

heu mihi said...

Good luck! And at least the water will keep you cool--I don't know where you are, but it's been ridiculously hot around here.

And you're right about this dead man's float business. Especially because it's what you're supposed to do if you're shipwrecked or something, right? (What a weird thing to teach kids, now that I think about it.)

Justice Jonesie said...

hair transitions can be very tough! Just remember that the end result will be well worth it. Enjoy the swim classes and the freedom.

The Steel Magnolia said...

heu mihi: You're right! The water does indeed help with the heat. But, the humidity in the inddor pool area doesn't help with the hair!

Jonesie: I finally got up the courage to wear it out today! I feel free!

CK said...

Wishing you good hair days forevermore.

Also, congrats on the swim lessons! You are awesome to be taking them.