Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top Ten--2011

Top Ten Awesome Things about 2011:
  1. The Crisis has made some progress in the right direction. And it's not nearly as bad as it could be.
  2. Huge strides in my quest to get more publications under my belt.
  3. My job is going really well, mostly, and I have opportunities that would probably not otherwise be available to me.
  4. The Hubby and I have figured out a date-nigh/babysitting exchange with another family that has been really valuable.
  5. The Babydoll and The Baby Boy are doing quite well in school and in extra-curricular activities.
  6. Friends who had been wanting a baby for nearly five years, and who had a stillborn in the process, welcomed their beautiful, healthy son. A number of other friends also welcomed healthy babies into their families.
  7. Finally had my bridal portrait framed, three years after I actually posed for it, and 10 years after I actually got married. (Of course, The Hubby cracked the glass in the process of giving it to me for Christmas, but, oh well.)
  8. My hair is doing great. I'm learning to handle it in its unrelaxed state and I've had a very useful shift in my definitions of beauty. I feel sassy and I learned to swim (kind of)!
  9. Regarding another crisis with family friends, one unrelated to the major crisis in my life, another year has passed that moves them closer to a resolution of a very bad thing.
  10. The little world in my house is pretty good; my children are mostly unaffected by the horrible things that I know are going on and they are, I think, really and truly happy children who express their love for us and each other; my husband still loves me and I still love him. And I like him a lot of the time, too.
*And here's a bonus: I finished the awesome list much more quickly than the suck list.

Top Ten Sucktastic Things about 2011:
  1. The Crisis will not freaking go away. It gets better, then randomly and unpredictably gets worse. And there's so little I can do about it.
  2. The Crisis insists on sprouting branches, most of which I can barely do anything about.
  3. We lost an elder in our family.
  4. Still have friends who haven't yet been able to realize their dream of becoming parents.
  5. Still not on anybody's tenure track.
  6. Still having migraines, despite efforts to change my diet (although that's helped some) and I might need to switch medications again.
  7. Something that I wanted to happen for a long time fell into my lap and then was snatched away. It still has not materialized in a successful way.
  8. My faith is . . . challenged. And confused. But that might just be this week.
  9. I missed a perfectly free Stevie Wonder appearance because I was at a conference.
  10. Failed goals.


Ink said...

Great lists! I am glad for all the happy things (but sad for the sucky things). Hope The Crisis will go away this year. xo

Good Enough Woman said...

Hooray for all of the good things--healthy and happy children, learning to swim (wow!), good hair, etc. And I feel like a very bad blog reader since, somehow, I missed the post that announced the Crisis. I am so sorry you're still dealing with it. I hope faith will flow more than ebb, thereby giving you strength. And I hope 2012 rocks!

The Steel Magnolia said...

Thanks, girls!I'm singing "ooohoooooh, chile/things are gonna get easier"--I'm grateful, too, for virtual hugs and good vibrations across the internets!