Monday, March 2, 2009

Gimme a Break

Ok, sue me, but I'm watching the season finale of "The Bachelor"--don't ask why. I don't know why. Yes, it's ridiculous. I've been trying to pretend that it just inexplicably ends up on my TV. Every week.

I know that I have no reason at to be surprised, but what was all that editing that they've been pushing all season? They showed Deanna, the bachelorette from last season, showing up out of nowhere. Then they show her saying that she made a mistake and that he should look "beyond" when he considers his proposal. All of this manufactured drama was meant to have the audience believe that she wanted him to go rogue and propose to her. Since, you know, he was completely in love with her just last season. So, are the ratings going down or something? All this silly BS of made up crap was unnecessary. Why can't television producers and writers put together shows that are interesting and intriguing without manipulating? The Diva, you've made a similar point before about artistic production.

Oh my goodness. Now the after show is on and he's saying that picked the wrong girl and is still in love with her. He's going to break up with the woman he proposed to on air. Isn't that dramatic enough? Okay, so the whole thing is ridiculous. Even my husband is saying, "Kick him! He sucks!" But I'm in love with love. What can I say?
And is anyone annoyed that everyone keeps calling these women "girls"?

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