Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seen and Not Heard?

Michael Steele needs a spanking. Are you kidding me? I chuckled at his tiff with the apparent leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh. I shook my head just like I do when my children have a huge fight about which sippy cup belongs to whom. But now I'm more disturbed. He apologizes to Limbaugh in such a limp-wristed manner that I wonder where all of his normal intestinal fortitude went. What did he think would have happened if he had said, "No, I meant what I said. " Isn't it true that Limbaugh is an entertainer? Isn't true that he's incendiary? After all, he did say that Michael J. Fox was faking his Parkinson's symptoms. Limbaugh isn't even a politician, so why is anyone obligated to engage in discussion with him? This is what people in the South would call loud-talking: speaking in louder and louder decibels so as to keep an opponent from being heard. Loud-talking doesn't actually demonstrate logical weaknesses in another's argument. It just seeks to stop the argument. That's Limbaugh and conservative talk radio in a nutshell.
I am going to go ahead and say that this demonstrates the real place of minorities in the Republican Party. Does anyone think that he would have ever been elected if Obama hadn't won? They needed an image change and he raised his hand. If I were in a class, I would engage a discussion about silencing and voice. Who came to the defense of Steele? It took about 10 seconds for Steele to realize that he would have to apologize, and he didn't wait another 10 seconds before he commenced to ducking his head. And how many people came to Limbaugh's defense? How many people called for him to apologize for denigrating the leader of his own party? Whatever position Steele has officially won here, he clearly is not valued or respected. I wonder if he's had an epiphany or if he's going to keep towing the party line out on a dingy by himself.


Blackwatch!!!!!! said...

As Ice Cube stated in his song A Bird in the Hand Blacks are too F*&%$in' broke to be republicans"!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol someone has dusted off their Boyz in the Hood soundtrack I see!
SM, you are exactly right. Steele however, gets no sympathy from me. He knew what he was getting into and chose to proceed...token; or as Cube would call him...MARK! lol

The Diva said...

Sadly, I can't join the Ice Cube discussion. But, I hear now that the Republicans are trying to push him off his lonely dinghy. They are calling for his resignation.

The Steel Magnolia said...

The Diva,

Shut up! I had not heard that they were calling for him to resign. Nobody can ever say that Republicans don't have a pair, huh? They just do whatever they want, logic, respect, fairness be gone! They might as well call Steele "boy" and send him to bring them a drink.