Saturday, March 21, 2009


A collection of random thoughts, unrelated to each other . . . and probably unrelated to anything else; none of these seemed to be worth an entire post, but I thought I'd share:

  • Last night, when I told my daughter that I loved her, and asked if she loved me, she said, "No. I love daddy. Brother loves you." I cannot figure out what to make of that, or even if I should be offended. But it does help explain why she says an unsolicited "I love you" to everyone in the house except me.
  • I just watched a rerun of "A Different World." Man, that was a great show!
  • We spent the day in a different, but nearby, part of the city. The high school there seemed to be building something new in their stadium. None of the schools in the part of the county where we live has a stadium--they all share one. Isn't there something wrong with this? And how does this happen? Don't my children deserve to have neighborhood schools that have amenities and resources, too?
  • Just in case living in this part of the city really does mean that we simply don't deserve good stuff, could someone please pay me enough money so that we can afford to live in the part of the city that does have the good stuff? Or perhaps all of my education is worthless . . . well, not if you ask the student loan people . . . .
  • And one more thing about what people deserve: does having children mean that I just don't deserve significant time every day when I can do what I want without interruption?
  • I bought books at the library book sale today. I get way too excited about books.
  • I got all dressed up this morning and zipped out to a fair for teachers. The lines were literally wrapped around the building and the parking people were sending everyone to some random lot about 900 country miles away. People are seriously looking for work, folks. I gave up and went to Target. In an hour, I went back and drove right up to the building; then they told me that I didn't all the paperwork and they wouldn't see me. Soooo glad I didn't stand in that line!

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Anonymous said...

Great random post! I used to love A Different World too. And I'm sorry to hear that they wouldn't see you at the teacher fair...that's horrible and they're missing out.