Monday, March 23, 2009

Yummy Mummy

So, lately I've really been feeling like a dumpy mommy. I see the other moms dropping off their children and they look like glamazons--cute shoes, flawless make-up, tailored clothes, fresh hair. Unless I have someplace to be, I'm probably wearing jeans. Who are these women, I've been wondering? Aren't they as tired as I am? Don't they have a stack of clothes that don't fit? And why do they all seem 10 years younger than me? I'm in a wedding this weekend (yay A.!) and I had to rummage through my bathroom for my cosmetics stash. I'm sure I'll need to get a mani/pedi for the event, too, but I don't know even know where to go. Clearly, I have not been doing my womanly maintenance.

Nevertheless, I ran out for lunch today and the guy at the counter said, "Hey, beautiful!" I almost turned around to see who he was talking to. But, since I've learned from The Diva, I just smiled and accepted the compliment. Then, as I was walking out of the restaurant, another guy said, "Hi beautiful!" Two compliments inside of 15 minutes! Now, truthfully, I had just had my brows done, and I was wearing real clothes. Still, I felt a little less like a mom machine. I should probably pay more attention in general to these sorts of things. I forget that there's a payoff. The balance between motherhood and the other roles women play is so difficult to navigate. how are we supposed to do it?

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Ink said...

Just wanted to say Hi Beautiful, too. :)

I too wonder how the glamazonian moms in my neighborhood manage to get all gussied up before drop-off. Seriously. It's unfathomable to me.

Have fun at the wedding!