Monday, May 18, 2009

In the margins

Mostly, my mind won't go anywhere except the crisis confronting me and my family, but on the margins are these meaningless thoughts. Since I'm not ready to share (or speak even) that info, here are the meaningless thoughts:

*Tyra Banks should find another way to announce the people "still in the running to be America's Next Top Model." Saying, "The next name I'm going to call is __________ " seriously annoys me; Logically, she should follow that sentence by calling the actual name of the girl. Of course, that would sound weird: "The next name I'm going to call is Teyona. Teyona."

*I really wish someone would tell Sherri Shepard that the words "also" and "too" don't go together. Saying, "I think also too . . ." doesn't make sense.

* I keep trying to figure out what fruit the housewives oh New Jersey could hold. Aren't they the Garden State? It's driving me crazy!


The Truth said...

Blueberry is the fruit for NJ, but i don't think it's widely known..

The Truth said...

Plus it wouldn't make sense to most

ck said...

As a Jersey girl myself, I'd have to say that the fruit they should hold is roadkill. It's rich and plentiful and can be found just outside any grocery store or fruit stand.

The Steel Magnolia said...

Interesting, interesting. I have a friend from south Georgia and she says they grown blueberries there, too. I think they should only do the show in places that have a fruit associated with it. Or maybe a food . . . like cheese for Wisconsin or potatoes for Idaho.

CK, as a Jersey girl, I think you should write a letter demanding that the women hold up roadkill!

Ink said...

That always bugs me about ANTM, too, when I catch it. Why doesn't she say, "The next person is X?"

In fact, I'd say at this point, so many seasons in, couldn't they ditch all the canned lines? (You're still in the running, etc.) We get it already!