Friday, May 8, 2009

What I'm Watching

My new obsession: "The Millionaire Matchmaker." Oh my goodness! This is riveting! I keep wondering if I would submit myself for this club if I were in my 20s and not married. I don't know. I think that if I were unmarried and in my 30s, I probably would. There's a disturbing gender weirdness a la "The Bachelor," but I just think it's soooo interesting. I will certainly be passing along some of Patti's rules to my daughter--and my son, for that matter.
And I have to add my obligatory grrrrrhh because I'd love to have a cool, unexpected job like this.

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Ink said...

Oh, I just posted about my tv obsession today! :) We're on the same wavelength.

Millionaire Matchmaker is so funny because I never plan to watch it but if I see one second of it, I have to stay for the whole thing. Patty is awesome and outspoken and hilarious. (I just saw the one with the Mean Lady From Toledo or wherever, who told Patty on the video that she needed a makeover. My goodness.)