Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Girl

Top Three Reasons My Daughter Rocks:

3) She almost glows when she talks about her pink toolbox. Isn't that fabulous?! A toolbox for a girl--and it's pink! We went to buy paint and she was soooo exciting about all the tools she could put in her toolbox. My gender anti-conditioning is working!

2) They spilled milk in their bed last night and, while I was fussing about "you kids spill all the time . . . " she pointed out that "Two kids didn't spill Mommy. Only one kid spilled. Brother didn't do it; only me." Isn't that a wonderful display of character? When I said that I was taking away their cups for the night, she said that he should keep his." Please, oh please, oh please stay loyal to each other and committed to ethical behavior--forever!

1) She went to a father-daughter dance on Father's Day and behaved beautifully with her father. And the first, most important detail she wanted to report was riding the elevator over and over in the hotel. And eating chicken and salad.

I get all excited when I imagine the kind of woman she'll turn into. She's just great.

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ck said...

That's awesome. My older daughter takes care of her little sister in the same way. I get really excited when I imagine them as adults. I, too, pray they'll stay this loyal to each other.