Monday, June 15, 2009

Won't Touch This

I don't think it is a secret how I feel about reality tv shows (except Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood--that show is the shiznit!). Even so, I am annoyed anew by A&E's new reality show, Hammertime. I liked Hammer in the 80's, but why in the world do I want to watch a show about him and his family? I liked Hammer in the 80's.

On the preview he's dressed like 90's Hammer with the tank and the bandanna. That manufactured gangsta persona was so cheesy. I wonder why he is recycling it. Or maybe it's just the look since apparently the show is anything but gangsta.

Everybody and his mama don't need a reality show.

Somebody, please, write a decent sitcom already!

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The Steel Magnolia said...

Let me tell you, I'm not interested either. But I might watch some of it if I catch it. Unlike you, I am drawn to reality TV.

But I will NOT watch that show about the richy, prep school kids. I'm pretty sure that show would make me vomit.