Saturday, January 16, 2010

7: You've Never Seen This Before

Per the fabulous evenshine, I have something to say in a blog post. I've been wanting to write, but . . . "the world is too much with us." That dang teaser from The Lovely Bones shows up on my TV every 19 seconds to depress me, and in between there's the seeming endless devastation in Haiti and the nothingness of texting my pennies. I've been weepy for days. Life just seems overwhelming.

Anyway, I'm happy to offer 7 things I've never written on my blog:

1) I'm planning to stop relaxing my hair this year. Don't exactly know what I'll do with it then, though. I keep telling people about my plan so I'll actually do it.

2) I want a house with a wrap-around porch.

3) My daughter is so much like me that sometimes it scares me. But since I was always too afraid to ever do anything really subversive, I guess it's also a comfort. My son is sometimes so much not like me that it scares me, too.

4) Just got new glasses that I might actually wear outside my house. My prescription is so high that my lenses are embarrassingly thick, and I haven't worn my glasses in front of anyone except family since middle school.

5) The first notes of Teddy Pendergrass's "Turn Off the Lights" are so sweet and sensual that my knees nearly buckle every time I hear it. The same is true of the melody in "Hold Me," a song he recorded a long time ago with Whitney Houston when she was just starting out. His death this week is another really sad thing in the world.

6) Some days I totally think I should be on that old show, thirtysomething. I would be Hope.

7) I think being a matchmaker like Patti Stanger would be an absolutely fabulous job.

Wow. Thanks evenshine! This was a fun release. I needed that.


Ck said...

I'm #3 all the way too.

Unknown said...

Nice post.

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The Steel Magnolia said...

ck: What is up with that? LOL!

evenshine said...

Thanks for the shout-out, lady. Glad to be able to distract you for a while. Hugs to you and your four-eyed self! :)

Ink said...

Congrats on your new glasses! And too! When that show was actually on, sometimes I would cringe at things Hope did because I so identified with her and could see myself doing whatever it was she was doing and then feeling a little embarrassed about it. Yeah, that was a good sentence.

My main point is that your list is cool.