Saturday, January 9, 2010

Things to Do When Snowed In By 1 Inch of Snow

Here in the South we're still all freaked out by the white stuff on the ground, so we're into hour whatever of enjoying the walls of our home. Hubby, The Babydoll, The Baby Boy, and me. It's a lot of together time. The roads are still icy, so I don't even want to walk outside, much less drive anywhere. I know that sounds ridiculous, but there's only enough snow to be annoying, not enough to be fun. Here's what we've been doing:
  • playing with puzzles
  • eating frozen pizzas
  • wearing sweats
  • painting pictures
  • making quick crochet projects
  • playing with Facebook, getting bored with it, then reading blogs
  • watching enough Sesame Street and Max and Ruby to make the AAP gag
  • baking cookies
  • eating cookies
  • chores (only a little)
  • breaking up fights
  • hiding the noisy toys
  • potty training--okay, we're not actually doing this, but I keep thinking this would be a great time to do it
  • finishing syllabus work--okay, not doing this one so much either, but the books and papers are spread out everywhere
  • reading Jack Ezra Keats' The Snowy Day


ck said...

I'm convinced the AAP is misinformed RE: television time on freezing cold days.

The Steel Magnolia said...

ck: You said it! I watched a fair amount myself and it was great!

Justin Narin said...

That's a good list of things to do :)

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countryfriedmama said...

I hate being snowed in, but it is sort of nice to get forced to just relax once in awhile. I keep my kids go-go-going to avoid bickering and whining, but once in awhile, it is nice for all of us to just hang around the house (she said after taking nearly a week to recover from her one day "snowed" in.)

Ink said...

LOVE The Snowy Day book!

Stay warm!