Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Meme Because I Don't Have Anything Else to Say

So, I'd like to write something, but I'm consumed with so many things, most of them confusing and frustrating and so quite happy, that I can't get it together to write about any of them. Still, it makes me feel a little more integrated to write something cogent. I saw that this Facebook meme of 25 Random Things About Me is supposed to be really trendy and hip, so here's my attempt at it. Plus, I read that it was a writing exercise at some point, and since I no longer have students on which to impose these kinds of things . . . . Wow, 25 things, huh?

1. I have such a psychotic phobia about a certain kind of reptile that I can't even say (or type) the word or I'll have nightmares (hint: there was one in the Garden of Eden).

2. After seeing the episode of "The Jeffersons" when Louis Gossett, Jr. hits on Weezy and George has to throw him out, I feel a little frightened every time I see him.

3. I think my son may be a mama's boy and it makes me kind of happy.

4. I have a weird obsession with having toned, defined arms.

5. I couldn't wait to get out of the small town I grew up in, and now I wish we could just move to one and have a big yard.

6. I still really regret the fact that I quit dance classes in 4th grade. I loved the classes, but I felt too small and timid to be around the "city" (that's almost a laughable term if you knew which "city") girls. Quitting the classes made me feel like a quitter. I also took piano lessons until I became a cheerleader in high school. By then I just had too many activities and had to cut something out. I don't feel quite as guilty about that.

7. I love wearing cute clothes, but I loathe shopping.

8. I think that I eat chocolate in some form every single day.

9. I wish I could be a song writer.

10. I have a hard time sleeping the night before the first day of class.

11. I remember, exactly, the panic and horror I felt the first time a boy kissed me. His name was Curtis and we were in nursery school. His pants were always too tight.

12. When I'm really stressed, my neck locks up and I can't turn my head. It's been tight for about a week because of this work debacle.

13. I think Nia Long should play me in the movie of my life.

14. I had a dream about my daughter--I saw her EXACT face--before we started trying for her.
Oddly, her name was Courtney Christian in the dream. Neither of those names was on our list of possibilities.

15. I never had a grade of C on a report card until 10th grade Algebra III. I didn't have another one until Spanish in college.

16. I've been in love with ice cream since I can remember, but Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey has taken it to a different level. My husband bought gallons of it while I was writing my dissertation and while I was pregnant.

17. When I was in middle school I was nominated for every superlative category except Funniest and Most Athletic. I really thought I was going to win Best All Around, but I ended up not winning anything. It haunts me even today.

18. My index fingers are crooked. When I was a cheerleader, I never did the "We're number 1!" thing.

19. For a long time, I thought the phrase "All intents and purposes" was "All intensive purposes."

20. In 6th grade I danced in a talent show with a group of friends to New Edition's "A Little Bit of Love."

21. My first car was a circa 1982 white Honda Corolla. I had just graduated from high school and was thrilled to get it. Since then, I continued to drive cars that were about 10 years old that had questionable air conditioning at best. I only got a car made in the current decade when I was 30.

22. One of my favorite childhood memories is a fishing trip I took with my grandfather. He bought us (my aunt and me) Mars candy bars. I picked up a stick and was swarmed by ants. I have no memories of actually fishing.

23. I always thought that I was like my great grandmother, who was kind of tough in a quiet, demure way. My daughter was born on the same date as my great grandmother died. Both dates were Labor Day. I learned to crochet right before my daughter was born; I later learned that my great grandmother also was a crocheter.

24. I watch people's mouths when they talk. It's almost hard for me to have a conversation in person when I'm not wearing my contacts. But I usually am just fine on the phone.

25. My husband irritates the mess out of me a lot of the time, but I still usually think I got it just right when I agreed to marry him.


The Diva said...

It's funny how you can know someone so long and still not know things about them. Of course, I knew about your obsessions--chocolate, ice cream, arms--but I don't think I knew about that Lou Gossett, Jr. thing. Nor did I know that you were so fast(nursery school, indeed!).

The Steel Magnolia said...

In my defense, I hated Curtis and his kissing, thank you ma'am!