Sunday, February 8, 2009

Preparing for Valentine's Day

You know how people say, "Everyday should be Valentine's Day"? My husband had planned a grand gesture for Friday. He wanted to surprise me with a flower delivery at my office. It was a beautifully thoughtful idea, especially since getting flowers at work was one of the items on my list of Things I Want to Experience that I started when I turned 30 (you know, last year). He was also planning to bring a Valentine's Day treat to our daughter at school. Isn't that sweet? Of course, I guess it sucks to be a boy in this family because there are no such grand plans for either of them. Anyway, it's a non-issue since I no longer have an office or work or anyplace to be on Friday . . . I think. His plans illustrate why Valentine's Day isn't everyday.

What would it be like if every day you awoke to find some enormous demonstration of affection? I can imagine warm bubble baths and elaborate dinners at elegant restaurants. I could have Godiva Chocolates for breakfast! Spend hours at the spa with the weekly gift cards that show up in my name! Of course, I'd need those towels they give you because none of us would have clean clothes; when would the laundry get done? And how would I administer time outs from the bathtub? Most days, I'd rather have dear husband loading the dishwasher than out buying something pretty for me. It's the "life" that fills our days that make those grand gestures so, well, grand.

Who has time or energy to think about, plan, and execute romance on a daily basis? If we're talking about more than once a year, that's one thing. But the "Valentine's is every day" people are fooling themselves. Those dozen roses have to be watered, after all. I already have plenty to do.

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