Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gag me

In my newly unemployed state, I'm realizing how much time laundry and dishes take up. Perhaps this is why I'm still so doggone tired even though I don't have to actually go to work. I am still doing work, mostly publication stuff, but I don't have a conventional job that pays a monthly check and requires talking to other people. I'm fighting the sadness of this loss of identity and usefulness. But as I'm uncontrollably watching the reruns of "The Real Housewives of ------" I'm noticing an annoying theme. On the Orange County version, one of the daughters complains about the "tree people" hanging out near Berkley, where she attends college. Apparently, she's also not interested in eating her lunch near the "bums" on the street. How dare those homeless people taint the loveliness of her dining with their unsavory lack of functional lives! To escape this unbearable experience, her mother provides her with a fully furnished penthouse. And on the New York version, one of the women comments on how "hectic" things are while her housekeeper is away; all the feeding her own children and washing her own clothes is overwhelming it turns out. (Roll your eyes with me, please).

On the Today show this morning, one woman points out that they taped the show before the economy went in the crapper. Nevertheless, is this the reality of people's lives? The obvious answer, I guess, is that this is the reality of these women's lives. But this kind of oblivious self-centeredness is painful, especially when I think of my colleagues who are single and have children or are scarily close to retirement; losing your job without warning is not filled with fabulosity. This is why people don't like rich people! It's not just about your money or the overpriced things you have. It's the attitude of entitlement and myopic selfishness that assumes that you deserve the stuff you have. Don't people who work two or three jobs, who do their own laundry every day, or who--ahem--have earned a Ph.D., also deserve some ease in their lives?

So, the new season begins soon. Perhaps I'll update you later. (Now, roll your eyes at the irony--maybe if I had a job I wouldn't have time to watch!)


The Diva said...

I'm not sure why you watch this show. First, it is a "reality" series, but second, and most importantly, it is part of that genre of television that and encourages excessive capitalism and mindless greed. You know, shows like My Super Sweet 16, Cribs, Pimp My Ride, The Fabulous Life of. . ., and to some extent, Toddlers & Tiaras. (I would add The Hills and Baldwin Hills, but I only suspect these shows of being guilty as I have never seen a single episode.) All of these shows, on some level, promote the idea of having THINGS and impart a subconscious desire to have THINGS. Shows like this get on my nerves because of the sense of entitlement and selfishness. And also the waste. Why must one person own three or four cars when they can only drive one? And why would anyone need a tv screen in their steering wheel?!? I'm getting upset now, so I'll stop.

The Steel Magnolia said...

I don't know why I watch. They just seem so clueless. It's fascinating.

Anonymous said...

You just reminded me that I recorded the first one of the season and have not watched it yet. Like you, I don't know why I watch, but I must, for some reason.