Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Things to Do in 2015

Here's the plan:

  1. Consciously and intentionally spend time alone doing non-mommy things. Away from my house.
  2. Find a way to keep my children out of my bedroom much more often.
  3. See The Diva more frequently.
  4. Read more books that have nothing to do with class (although I happily have a chance in the coming semester to teach two books that I loved reading for pleasure)--I vaguely recall that I used to do this all the time. What happened to that?
  5. Find truly yummy ice cream that I can eat now that I've discovered a disturbingly sad link between dairy and migraines. I wonder if I can launch a letter-writing campaign to Ben and Jerry. That would be my dream!
  6. Laugh more. Seriously.
  7. Make some proactive decisions about my career instead of waiting for the ax to fall on my professional head.
  8. Cross some more items off my life list.
  9. Enjoy being 40. Try to be fabulous.
  10. Refrain from completely ignoring my blog. Or decide to end it. One or the other.
Please be kind 2015. The sea is so big, and my boat is so small. But, our family (my extended family--not me!) welcomed a new baby on the last day before the new year. I'll take that as a sign, ok?