Monday, September 7, 2015

Some Things I'm Reading on the Internet

I wish I could disagree with this, but . . . yeah

A very useful perspective on respectability politics that I will immediately link for my students since we are starting a respectability project next. Yay!

This and the discussion between Brittany Cooper and Melissa Harris-Perry on her MSBC show might mess around and make me respect Ms. Minaj. But that irritates me because I don't want to. Of course, her refusal to be defined or controlled by any-freaking-body is probably why even people who don't really want to watch Nicki's particular methodology (read: ME) have to acknowledge some truth in her words, if not in her images.

My children's school seems to be increasing its clubs and I'm wondering if I could start a crochet group. Are there any children who would want to learn this skill? Would they scoff? And am I good enough to even teach them? There are a couple of other groups that have connections with the assisted living homes around; maybe some of the ladies there could lend their decades of experience.

Just watched this doc in my latest Netflix binge and found the information pretty horrifying (accurate and thorough? I don't know, but definitely horrifying). Is it wrong that I was also thinking that I should get in on all this money? Cringing.


Good Enough Woman said...

Yes to the crochet group! And also maybe to getting the kids together with the senior citizens!

Steel Magnolia said...

So I'm not the only one excited by the domestic arts--Cool!